New web and blog site for Gallery Lane Cove

gallery lane cove website

We have started a new blog post that will just focus on the happenings of the gallery, so we can use our Centrehouse Arts Centre blog page to post news about all that is going on in the house. People have been getting confused between Centrehouse Arts Centre and Gallery Lane Cove, so we hope our brand new web page devoted to the gallery will help people find us easily. In a nutshell, Centrehouse manages Gallery Lane Cove, our Centrehouse classes are held in 178 Longueville Road and our Centrehouse office is located in the Gallery Lane Cove, Upper Level, 164 Longueville Road.

Check out our new Gallery Lane Cove website at and we are looking for helpful feedback. Let us know if you are having difficulty finding things and what other pieces of information you would like highlighted.