We would like to welcome our new administration assistant, Maia Sinclair-Ferguson, who has written her first blog post for us on our current exhibition: Angels at Large, by Eduardo Lopez-Valdezpino.

Having recently held her own exhibition at the Corner Cooperative in Chippendale, Maia has an arts degree in film studies and is an artist and tutor.














Eduardo Lopez-Valdezpino’s new painting show Angels at Large, showcases 27 compositions both unearthly and quietly human.  His work looks at the minutiae of the everyday as witnessed by angels; a curtain mid-flight in a window frame, a woman sitting on a bench waiting, an angel on a mobile phone leaning out of an apartment building. These depictions of simple human acts scattered amongst surreal, gravity defying pieces, brings into question some larger human constructs. The work highlights notions of time and the passing of time, it explores both a sense of purpose and purposelessness.



AngelsatLarge swimmer

Having studied Cinema and Photography at the Catholic University of Santiago, Chile and later obtaining a BFA from C.A.E (COFA) his work has a painterly and cinematic sensibility. This body of work brings to mind Wim Wenders’ 1987 feature film Wings of Desire set in West Berlin, where two immortal angels roam the city, unseen and unheard, trying to peel back the edges of the human condition and to experience a sense of mortality. Lopez-Valdezpino’s titles are also reminiscent of the conditions in the film; from the perspective of the angels Damiel and Cassiel everything is black and white ‘In out system colours are not properties’ however the painting is indeed coloured with pale tones of greens and blues. Another title ‘The sense of bravery is absent in the angelic world’ could be a comment on the immutable and absolute property of immortality, which usurps the need for fear. The piece ‘My world is lost between the dimness of two dreams’ illustrates the pathos of an older woman sitting on a bench, a window in the grey tiled wall behind her revealing a spell of warm clouds against a purple sky. Perhaps she is waiting in the space between life and death, introspectively reacting to the banality of her existence and the aching slowness of time.

Eduardo Lopez-Valdezpino’s 11th solo show is open until the 26thof July, come and take a look at these magical meetings of angels at large in landscapes both domestic, natural and imagined. 

See below pictures of the opening night

 eduardoatopening exhibition shot exhibition shot 2




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