Christine Wiltshier in Residence

We would like you all to meet our a new artist in residence at the Centrehouse Studio, Christine Wiltshier. We wanted to let everyone get to know her a little more, so recently, we caught up with her to ask her a few questions and see how she is settling into her studio.

Tell us a bit about what you’re currently working on during this residency?

I find that my background in traditional textile crafts often drives my conceptual art practice and this is certainly the case for this residency. During my time in the Centrehouse Artist in Residence Studio I plan to investigate the crossed stitch. To this end I am currently experimenting with the cross – stitch technique, particularly with stitch direction. My aim during this making stage is to focus my attention on the interaction between my hands, materials and tools, exploring the tactility of the work. This exploration often leads me to an unmaking or remaking of the traditional technique or a completed work.

IMG_3777.close up

Do you schedule your day?

Yes I schedule a portion of my time in the studio. I find that I tend to write when I first arrive at the studio, it helps me settle into the space and often provides a direction for the days making.

What are your hours like?

I’m finding that I am mainly in the studio during the middle of the week, mostly in the mornings, through to early afternoon, with the odd full day.


What does a good workday look like?

A good workday is one where I have made or even unmade something! One in which I have reflected on the making/unmaking/remaking process, played around with handwritten text and listened to a little jazz along the way.

How has having this space impacted the work you are creating?

I have loved working in a space that is in the centre of a thriving community. Mostly I am working behind the lovely bottlebrush trees watching all the comings and goings. However I have been thinking that I would like to experiment with stitching for part of my day in some of the fabulous Lane Cove community spaces, stitching ‘en plein’ air for example, a lovely a new direction for my making.


We will follow up with Christine at the end of her tenancy at the Centrehouse Artist in Residence studio to find out what we can expect from her residency exhibition at Gallery Lane Cove in June 201. Until then we shall just enjoy watching her making. Follow along with her instagram @cwildfibre !