Into The New Year

The gallery is having an action packed start to year! Here are a few of the highlights from the start of our 2015 program.

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Our latest piece in the Sculpture Plinth is from our previous artist in residence Christine Wiltshier.

paper,  ink

the loop has a continuous presence in my art practice

I make with loops of yarn or thread each time I stitch, crochet or knit

I create loops as I hand write my thoughts

at times my thoughts circle back upon themselves becoming a continuousloop of tangled words, stuck, trapped by their repetitive nature becoming meaningless.

TounravelthistangledbundleofthoughtsIwriteinacontinuousstreameasingthe threadsofwordsapartunwindingseperatingandatlastfreeingendsasIpour

themontopaperwaitingfora   spacetosurfaceforthe       space       tobecomea     breath forthe   breath  tobecome              stillness             andfor    stillness                 todevelopinto


2015-01-21 19.13.19  Fractured Infinity has opened as our first new exhibition of 2015. This exhibition of light installations by Laura Jade Hindes and Stephanie Shehata challenges the senses with a soundscape of light. Both Sydney based artists are currently completing their Master of Design Illumination, this collaboration will see them experimenting with the possibilities of light and perception.Fractured Infinity -Laura Jade Hindes

2015-01-21 18.40.03 2015-01-21 17.14

The exhibition includes a number of installation, containing elements of light sound and interaction which engage the audience in creating the artwork. The exhibition which is also part of the Lane Cove, Sunset in the Village programs runs until the 27th February, its not to be missed. To get an insight into these light and art experiments please come to hear the artist talk about these works at the gallery at on the 7th Feburary 11am.

2015-01-21 18.50.48

Finally we have just installed this year’s  Public Photography Commission which was based on the theme of Illumination & Light. The artist selected for this years commission was Peter Solness and you can now she his light painted, photographic display Illuminated Landscape in the forecourt below the gallery.

The series seeks to create photographs of uncommon beauty by applying light in considered and sometimes playful ways. The works selected for the series capture the intrigue and magical qualities of light and how it can be captured photographically.
“As a light-painter I photograph exclusively at night, which allows me to elicit a rare beauty from my chosen subjects. It is not a simple process. Each image has been meticulously hand-crafted by using hand torches as though they are paint brushes and then applying light to a range of subjects in a way that looks natural. This can take many hours to complete and it requires me leaving the shutter of the camera open for long periods of time,” says Peter.

‘Painting with light’ is a method that has been around for a long time in artist circles. One of the more notable practitioners was Pablo Picasso who used a small light to draw figures in a darkened room at his home in the south of France in 1949.
These days the convenience of a digital camera takes the execution of light-painting to a whole new level. There is a convergence of the technical ‘actuality’ of photography, with the sensibility of a painter. Peter will also be in the gallery to talk about his light painting technique on 7th February at 11am

This outdoor public art exhibition of 12 images was specifically developed to be shown as part of the Sunset in the Village Festival, curated by Gallery Lane Cove.

Don’t forget Artist Talks with Laura Jade Hindes and Peter Solness, taking about how they use light to create their artworks on 7th February 11am at Gallery Lane Cove , free and open to the public.