Ebb+ // Chloe Ferres


Local emerging artist Chloe Ferres’ exhibition Ebb+ is a dynamic photographic exploration of infinitely shifting pools. Within the 10 exhibited instant print digital photographs the artist reflects upon the flux of the sea which as she explains, “remains constant in a world of perpetual change”. Ferres’ series is inspired by the hallowed benefits of bathing in saltwater and the array of harbour pools Sydney has to offer, this experimental project exposes surreal fluid and fleeting forms.

Lining both walls are Ferres’ framed instant prints capturing the movement and environment of Sydney’s picturesque oceans. Uniting both walls is a double layered projection inviting the audiences to a more immersive experience into the infinitely shifting nature of water. Proof of Ferres’ hands on engagement with her subject matter can be seen in her collection of site materials which include rocks, drift wood, leaves, fishing wire and glass fragments displayed in an archival like fashion.

Ebb+ will be on display at Gallery Lane Cove until 27th of February, 2016.

Link to Chloe Ferres book: http://au.blurb.com/b/6835465-ebb-the-prints




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