Storytelling with your iPad or Smartphone


|| Storytelling with your iPad or Smartphone ||

Friday 8 April

8 local Lane Cove seniors took part in an interactive workshop with an expert film maker and 9 local Riverview students learning how to utilise the movie function on their iPads and smartphones.

Using the backdrop of Gallery Lane Cove’s soft sculpture exhibition The Charged Object participants got the opportunity to develop skills in filming, simple editing techniques, downloading apps and uploading videos onto YouTube.


|| Grandparents and Grandchildren’s soft sculpture workshop |


Wednesday 13 April

32 grandparents and grandchildren took part in morning and afternoon workshops introducing participants to the soft sculpture medium. The workshop took place in partnership with Lane Cove Council’s seniors week program and in conjunction with Gallery Lane Cove’s The Charged Object soft sculpture exhibition.


Despite the generational gap participants came together in creating innovative and decorative sculpture gloves using a variety of fabric and soft sculpture materials. Grandparents were able to take the opportunity to teach their grandchildren valuable sewing and stitching techniques which made for a very fun and informative school holiday activity.