Creations in Wood.. focus on the female

Gallery Lane Cove will be hosting the Woodworkers Association of NSW annual exhibition for members, titled Creations in Wood. The Woodworkers Association of NSW promotes the appreciation of fine woodworking and encourages creativity, design and skill development for all woodworkers. It is a forum for networking, exchanging ideas and enjoying camaraderie among woodworkers. The association also represents professional woodworkers and it promotes environmental awareness, judicious use of native timber resources and sustainable harvesting of recycled and reclaimed timbers.

This year there are a number of female artists who have joined the group and will exhibit in the gallery.  Gallery Lane Cove interviewed Minky Grant to find out her fascination with wood, with a feature on artist Catherine Gorrie.

GLC: Minky, what got you started/interested in woodworking?

MG: My background is silver, gold, semi-precious stones jewellery.  I have access to beautiful Australian timber  and I could see how to include timber in my jewellery.


Minky Grant | Japanese cedar pendant, sterling silver treecycle

GLC: Can you go a little bit more in depth with the processes that are involved in the artworks you will be exhibiting?

One of the pieces has a cabochon shape formed from Japanese Cedar to imitate a gem stone set into Sterling Silver as I would set  a gem stone.  My intention is to give gemstone quality to the timber.  I love the look of silver combined with timber.  I feel it takes timber jewellery to another level.  The natural world is very important to me. I often carve cockatoos, owls etc. from Huon Pine it combines so well with pyrography.

GLC: Is there a favorite medium/process you enjoy working with?

MG: I don’t really have a favourite medium but I do love the challenge of trying new ways of making jewellery.  At the moment I am intrigued with epoxy resin.  I love the colours and it’s limitless how I can combine it with other materials.

GLC: Last question: I can see by your portfolio that you use a variety of materials. Do you enjoy mixing materials to create works? If so, why?

MG: I get bored very quickly and I have many ways of working  to choose from.  For example I am also a print maker and miniature painter and I love combining all these disciplines together for a real challenge.


Catherine Gorrie | Lidded Boxes

Woodturner and Woodworkers Association member and exhibitor Catherine Gorrie (whose work graces the cover of the exhibition invite) has been a practicing woodturner since 2010. She has always been interested in woodwork, ever since she could walk into her Dad’s workshop right behind him. He was always showing her how to use this tool or that, and whenever he was making something, he would always have to move her back a bit, for fear of damaging her face, which would be just a short distance away from his work area.

Catherine has developed some considerable skill as a Woodturner. Over time, Catherine has combined other skills with her woodturning, and is interested in a whole array of artistic pursuits. These include airbrushing, piercing and pyrography to name a few, and she has even used a chainsaw to obtain a jagged edge to the upper surface of a bowl. Catherine is just venturing into carving and has made a series of bowls with carved feet.

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