David Pavich – local tutor to exhibit landscapes


Studio Residency David Pavichwithtone

Image: Studio documentation of David Pavich’s 2017 Gallery Lane Cove artist residency.

David Pavich has been teaching painting and drawing classes at Centrehouse Arts Centre for over 10 years and takes other classes all over Sydney. One of his students, Lavinia Foote-Morid talks about her experiences as a student with David.

“I have studied art under David Pavich for many years with the utmost enjoyment and learning. David, being a fully professional artist is quick to solve the most intricate painting technical challenges and colour blending issues. His experience and depth of knowledge of painting is elemental to being able to paint the full range of subjects chosen. David is also a great personality, being great fun to paint with and always kindly encouraging.”

An exhibiting artist, David has had many solo shows and featured in significant group exhibitions throughout Australia. Having worked as an artist in residence for Gallery Lane Cove, we are very pleased to be able to host his upcoming exhibition, Harbour and Beyond. David has a passion for landscape painting, he travels widely to capture the environment in all it’s guises. With a focus on the harbour foreshores surrounding Lane Cove along through to Lavender Bay and Middle Head, this exhibition will feature  spectacular views of the Sydney Harbour.

David’s 2017 Gallery Lane Cove artist residency provided the perfect location to explore his preoccupation with Sydney Harbour, a subject matter the artist has had close attachment to since childhood. Observing the changing light and colour on the Harbour through the seasons, as well as all the energy of boating activities has always provided a joyful experience. “As a painter” he says, “it is invigorating to watch these changes in the landscape and be constantly challenged by capturing its presence at a given time on canvas. Hopefully these feelings of beauty and pleasure are conveyed to the viewer from these painting subjects of some of our most iconic locations.”

Having been selected for the prestigious residency at the Tweed Regional Galleries Nancy Fairfax Studio in 2015, the exhibition also includes rural scenes from the landscape surrounding Murwillumbah, in particular the reoccurring image of Mount Warning serenely located outside his studio window. Mount Warning is a sacred mountain to the aboriginal people of Bundjalong and is the site of particular ceremonies. ‘Wollumbin’ the original aboriginal title of Mount Warning which translates to the ‘Cloud Gatherer’. Its monumental form dominates the landscape from most locations around Murwillumbah, making it a most desirable painting subject.


Sydney Harbour Middle Head, 2016, oil on poly cotton, 40 x 60cm, $1800

Approaching Storm (Snowy River), 2014, Oil on Poly Cotton, 76x102cm, $3800withtone

Approaching storm (Snowy River), 2014, oil on poly cotton, 76cmx102cm $3800

David Pavich 'A Clear Day(Murwillumbah)' 2015 Oil on Poly Cotton, 102x77cm, $3800_withtone

A clear day (Murwillumbah), 2015, oil on poly cotton, 102cm x 77cm $3800

Mosman Bay Ferry 2015 Acrylic on Paper 21x30cm(Unframed) $100withtone

Mosman Bay ferry, 2015, acrylic on paper, 21cm x 30cm $100

The Sugar Mill Murwillumbah(Study), April 2015, Acrylic on paper, 21x30cm, (Unframed), $100_withtone

The sugar mill (study), 2015, acrylic on paper 21cm x 30 cm (unframed) $100

Towards Kingscliff from Murwillumbah(Study), April 2015, Acrylic on paper, 21x30cm, (Unframed), $100_tone

Towards Kingcliffe from Murwillumbah (study) 2015, acrylic on paper 21cm x 30 cm (unframed) $100

Scale has been an interesting exploration for David and the exhibition will feature both small scale intimate oil paintings with his larger format works. There will be some beautiful acrylic on paper works that have a great energy and immediacy and are very affordable.

Please join the team at Gallery Lane Cove and artist David Pavich on Wednesday October 4th 6 – 8pm for the opening of Harbour and Beyond.

The exhibition runs until October 28th, 2017.

David will speak about his exhibition and process on Saturday 14 October from 11am. Please bring your friends and family as this is a free event.



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